Hi, I'm Sally!

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10/2/2022 10:03

Yesterday I arrived in London! London is a very soothing place for me. I think the best reasons to live are for thrill or contentment and I think London is a place where I can have both of those more than anywhere else. Being here I have this sense of calm and possibility. I can do and be anything and yet I am also insignificant and small. I can be surrounded by people and totally invisible. Its somehow completely perfect for me and the opposite of home (I live in a rural village): at home people talk to me, look at me and know me and yet it feels so isolating and lonely, so desolate. I like there to be masses of people and things near me so I don't feel lonely, but not people who know me or keep track of my life, feeling small in a crowd feels very safe. Several times yesterday I just walked around grinning to myself, almost laughing with how easy and comfortable everything feels. Usually I get very stressed out by minor inconveniences, changes of plan etc. but while I'm here its very easy to deal with everything. Not much more to say than that for now. I finnished reading Connundrum by Jan Morris yesterday so maybe I'll write my thoughts on that when I have more time.

8/2/2022 09:59

This is my first ever post! I don't really know what I'm doing with this yet; maybe I'll share drawings and stuff, I'll definitely make posts about what's going on in my life and reflections I have on things throughout the day. It'll be fun to slowly make the place prettier as a comfortable little sanctuary too.

Last night I was checking my friend's neocities site for updates, which has been inspiring me somewhat, this led me to looking at other sites in this ecosystem and seeing how beautiful this space is. So I figured I should have a go at it! My thoughts are pretty disorganized at the moment and I have lots to do today so thats all for now.